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Radio Luxembourg on computersoftware.
Radio Luxembourg on Sangean DRM-40.

208 m./1440 kHz.
Daily 19.00 until 03.50 UK.
(Broadcasting in DRM
daily 00.00 until 03.50 UK)
From Marnach/Luxembourg
(120 kW) (324).
49 m./5990 kHz.
49 m./6095 kHz.
(Broadcasting in DRM
daily 00.00 until 24.00).
From Junglinster/Luxembourg
(50 kW) (ND/60).
208 m./1440 kHz.
Daily 04.50 until 20.00.
(Broadcasting in DRM
daily 08.00 until 18.00)
From Marnach/Luxembourg
(240 kW) (45).

Radio Luxembourg recently stopped using 7295 kHz for its experimental DRM English service to the UK, leading some hobbyists to question whether RTL has had second thoughts about relaunching the English service. This morning I had a chat with DJ Benny Brown, whom I have known for more than 20 years. Benny assured me that RTL is still very committed to DRM, and has a number of frequencies registered, but since there are still very few DRM receivers on the market, its too early to launch a permanent service. Low power DRM transmissions from Dudelange, serving Luxembourg, continue on 25795 kHz 24 hours a day in parallel with the Internet stream. Tests on other shortwave frequencies may also take place. (February 20th, 2007).
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The new Englisch Service of Radio Luxembourg (February 22, 2007)

Thursday, February 22, 2007 at 12.00 hours Martijn Moerel and I arrived at one of the two RTL Group buildings on the Boulevard Pierre Frieden in Kirchberg in Luxembourg. We were waiting at the reception. And watched old radios and other old stuff. After one hour two persons of RTL (Dan and Pierre-Yves) (Station Manager/Digital Radio Strategist) showed us in the second building the control rooms of RTL4, RTL5 and RTL7. Back in the first building we saw the studio of the German RTL Oldies and many technical rooms (all the radio signals are going from here to the different transmitters). Later that afternoon we arrived at the studio of the new English Service of Radio Luxembourg. Benny Brown was presenting a programme. It was 25 years ago since I was in their old studio (in Villa Louvigny). Now all the records were gone. All the music and a complete play list is in a computer now. Benny just had to say a short announcement; that was all. I asked myself if this is real radio. It sounds like pre-recorded. Of course I made many photo's; some of them are here:

The TV building
The reception
Control room of RTL4
Control room of RT5 and RTL7

Benny Brown
Dick Offringa and Benny Brown

Benny Brown
Benny Brown

The Playlist
The Mixing Console

RTL, 45 Boulevard Pierre Frieden, L-1543 Kirchberg, Luxembourg